Chartered Fellow Member Central Christian University
Get Professional Recognition and Become a Part of Global Community
A Chartered Professional is a person who has gained a specific level of skill or competence in a particular field of work. Chartered Status is considered a mark of Professional Competency and is generally considered a Terminal Qualification in a particular Profession. Chartered Status is the Benchmark for Excellence.

Why Chartered Fellow Member

  • Professional Recognition
  • Highest Level of Distinction
  • Professional Development
  • Globally Accepted
Becoming CFM CCU Recognizes your Knowledge, Skill and Expertise
Benefits to the Members
  • Gets 15 API Points ( Academic Performance Indicator)
  • High Level of Distinction
  • Getting Highlighted for Excellence
How it Works
Members registering for CFM, can mention CFM CCU at the trailing end to their name like
Dr. B Venkateshwarlu, CFM CCU


Mention in the Bio Data as Chartered Fellow Member – Central Christian University
Sign of Membership
  • Hard Copy of the Certificate,
  • Medal
  • ID card
Who Can Apply
Teachers / Academicians / Professionals / Entrepreneurs / Corporate Employees of Manager and Above Cadre / Corporate Heads / Government Employees With Minimum Qualification of Post Graduate and Above

How to become a Chartered Member?
Copy of Latest CV
Copy of Evidences of Experiences
Copy of Pass Port
Copy of Aadhar Card
Pass Port Size Photograph
One Two Reference
A Write up of 300 Words or above on any topic of your area of interest
Fees for Chartered Membership
After Approval from the University, the Nominal Applicable Fees Will be informed