The President of Central Christian University, as Chief Executive Officer shall serve as President of Central Christian University. The Executive President has the full legal right and is directly responsible for the appointment of members of Governing Council and Executive Senate. With advice and consent of the Governing Council, the President shall employ the Principal, Deputy Principal (Academic), University Registrar, Administrator, Bursar, and Academic Deans, who shall be responsible for supervising the faculties and curriculum of the University. The President, as advised by the Executive Committee or Governing Council, may employ other staff and faculty members as needed to carry out the purposes of this University.

The Governing Council is appointed by The Executive President to supervise over all its administrative governance activities.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities
The Governing Council has autonomous powers and is responsible for the management and operation control of the University.To delegate authority with commensurate responsibility to the Executive Senate of the University.To confer all professional awards of this University by virtue of the Authority and Powers vested in them by the constitution upon recommendation of the Executive Senate.

Members of the Governing Council
a) Principal
b) University Registrar
c) One Deans of Faculties
d) University Finance Officer
e) Two Outside Members

The Executive Senate of the University is appointed by The Executive President to be in charged with the regulation and superintendence of the academic, professional and vocational disciplines of the University and with the promotion of research.It is on the recommendation of the Executive Senate that all degrees are conferred.Members of the Executive Senate of the University shall include:
a) Deputy Principal For Academic Affairs
b) Dean of Admissions
c) Faculty Deans
d) Dean of Students
e) Two Outside Members