Honorary award is not an academy education it’s a respect given to an individual for his achievement by the university

We are the only university which gives the equal platform to each and every individual to participate in honorary program

The one participating in honorary should follow the guideline and fill the application form along with the donation to the university Honorary is the highest award given by the university to an individual who has achieved a mark in the field of humanity and social cause The Honorary is a symbol of honor it is not a formal degree but an award where can add DR with the name and this name can be added in letter pad visiting card and name board

Honorary award title
1) Doctor of social work is given to the person who have served himself into social service
2) Doctor of Humanity and bravery is given to a person who have served himself into humanity and done bravery work

1: What is the purpose of giving honorary Causa?
University provide Honorary Causa in sake of honor and respect to an individual for his outstanding contribution towards social work and humanity

2: What Does University looks in people who as applied for Honorary causa?
Candidate should mention a strong description about himself regarding his achievement in the field of humanity and social work, along with his current work profile company and his background bravery

3: What honorary degrees does the university award?

A: One of the following honorary degrees may be awarded:
Doctor of Social Work of Public Service
Doctor of Humanities and Bravery

4: When are honorary Certification Given?
University will distribute the honorary Certification during the special occasion of the academy year.

5: Who can apply for honorary?
University welcomes each and every individual who has served himself in the field of social work and humanity.

6: How can we apply?
Candidate should fill the nomination form along with the donation to the university and send to the university award committee awards@ccumuniversity.xyz

7: What is the process for the honorary `certification?
Once the candidate have fill the nomination form and submitted along with the document required the university committee will scrutinize and verify the document then the candidate will get the reply from the university team stating with the location and the timing for the coming occasion

8: Can anyone nominate someone for honorary?
Yes you can nominate any one for the honorary but the candidate should know for the same and the candidate should be present during the occasion as the university will only give the certificate to the applied candidate

9: Can we use DR in my name?
Yes you can use the title DR in front of your name for example Dr XYZ Phd (HC),HC Means Honoris Causa means for the sake of honor

10: Is the university recognized by the government?
Yes the university is recognized by the government of Malawi

11: What is the Eligibility for the award?
University required a strong profile of the candidate

Selection Process
1) Candidate should prepare his profile along with all the achievement done till date (attached document)
2) You have to fill required honorary
3) Candidate should send his biography before the specified deadline
4) Send email to the university and wait for the reply
5) Once university honorary committee review the application nomination of the candidate the committee will reviews the entire given document and verify then will send to the HOD.
6) Once the HOD approved your application committee will send reply you and requested you to send the donation to the University for the Reputed honorary
7) Then again you need to send the email along with the payment detail done and university will reply you within 7working days
8) University will inform you the time place and other detail regarding the same

Many university and the Institutions have the own criteria for considering candidate. There are many people who apply for Dr / PhD degree which is an academy qualification degree but the Honorary degree is given to an individual’s for his outstanding contribution in his field there are many different type of honorary given by university.
Honorary degree is not required any academy education as it is earned on the bases of their contribution to the society, some of the university gives the honorary directly to the candidate who has served himself for the respectful nation and even some candidate apply for the honorary from the university for their achievement University have their own criteria to accept the nomination
Candidate cannot receive more than one honorary form the same university.
Many university have a age criteria and wants the nominee to be present during the felicitation, and some university also provide to the family member on behalf of the nominee

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