Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Central Christian University will Work Globally with Outside Countries
Ans : Central Christian University Malawi is an International Accredited University in Malawi With Various Accreditations to Promote Education Worldwide. CCU Malawi will authorized Global Representative for that particular country as the Academic Collaborator for Entire region By Which Students From their Country Can admit in CCU World Class Education Learning System.

2. Is CCU Certification will be valid in Outside Malawi
Ans : Central Christian University Malawi has its Body Named Directorate of Online & Distance Education which Promote Online Education Outside Malawi. As various Students Across the World travel to USA, Canada for Completing their Higher Education. Same CCU Malawi is giving Option to the Students to Complete their Courses in Online & Distance Mode Which are more Beneficial for the students which Saves their Time & Money.

3. Is Overseas Online Courses Valid Globally
Ans : In Today Global Scenario & Drastic Changes in Various Fields of Education System. Working Class People can complete their Courses within a short duration of Time by various Modes / Systems Which is valid. If You take Example of Any Country. Education Department of that particular Government launch their Own Online Pattern of Studies (i.e. an Online Digital Learning System Portal) which convey us that Online Education is Valid Worldwide.

4. Can I work and study at the same time?
Ans: CCU Courses or Syllabus are Designed for Working Class Candidates Itself. If any Working Class Students is Studying 2 Hours a Day He/She Can Get Tremendous Knowledge to Compete with an Regular Student in terms of Knowledge and Implementation Both. So CCU Gives Flexibility to Work and Study at the same time

5. Do I have to Apply for Equivalency on the Basis of CCU Certificate
Ans: Online Courses conducted by CCU need Not Need any Equivalency Letter from Home / Host Countries. Students Can Directly Registered in Employment as per his / her criteria.

6. Why there is a need of Online Education Worldwide
Ans : Due to Tremendous Increase in Population in All Countries Worldwide Regular Campuses are Facing Difficulties to Accommodate & Train Every Students. Due to Globalization Various Industries Want a Suitable Candidate with Proper Training & Development. So Various New Education System was implemented like Online Education / MOOC Program / Tablet Program etc.

7. How can I Take Admission in CCU
Ans : Students Can Either Apply to Our Enrollment Partner Which are Designated by Global Representative in various parts of that particular country to Complete their education.

8. Does it Cost Money to see / enquire counselor for particular courses in CCU Ans : CCU or OOE or OOE Authorized Enrollment Partners will Not Charge any fees for providing Proper Counseling required by the student.

9. Does CCU has any Entrance Exams for taking Admission in Courses
Ans : CCU does not have any entrance exams for taking admission. Eligibility Criteria for taking admission in Various Courses are mentioned in the Official Website of CCU & Prospectus.

10. What is the procedure of taking admission in CCU
Ans : Student can Submit Their Detail Filled Application form & Other Channel of Documents along with the requisite Fees to the Enrollment Partner Designated by CCU & OOE.

11. Will I Need to Visit Every time to the Center After Enrollment in CCU.
Ans : There is No Need to Visit Center after Enrolment. Every Student of CCU has its own Student Login ID Issued by CCU by which they get Every Updation online till Completion of Courses.

12. Are there any age Limitations to take admission in CCU Courses.
Ans : There is No Age Limit for Pursing Admission in CCU.

13. What is the Academic Calendar of CCU Courses.
Ans : CCU Conduct Examination as per Pattern decided by the Management. Yearly Pattern Examination are Conducted in the Month of March. Semester Pattern Examinations are conducted in the month of June & December Sessions.

14. How Long it will take CCU to process mine Confirmation of Enrolment.
Ans : After Submitting all the Documents to the enrollment partner. CCU Will Release the Enrollment Number in the Duration of 10 Days.

15. What is the Marking / Credit / Grading System Followed by CCU.
Ans : CCU is Following European Grading System To Evaluate the Students Performance on the basis of Hour / Credit i.e. SGPA & CGPA.

16. 16. How are Examination Conducted in CCU
Ans : CCU is Conducting Examinations in Online Mode. Students Can Access the Examination Window by Separate User ID & Password issued by the Enrolment Partner For Completion.

17. How will I get mine Certificate after Completion
Ans : After successful Completion of the Courses Enrollment Partner will Issue Mark sheets to the Students. For Getting Convocation Students has to Directly apply to CCU. Further Details are mentioned In the Official Website of CCU.

18. How will company Verify mine Certification issued by CCU.
Ans : Company Will Verify Certification issued by CCU by Online Process Mentioned in the CCU Website.

19. What Will happen if I Fail in CCU Exams
Ans : If any student fails in CCU Exams. He can Reappear by Paying Certain Fees of Examination instantly by which he saves his time and month..

20. What if Mine Company not Recognized my CCU Certification
Ans : Usually Various companies are accepting Online Certification. But if Companies want to fulfill their Recruitment on the basis of the Norms laid by their organization. It Totally depends on them.