The University

Central Christian University (CCU) is a Research-Based Private-Not-Profit University dedicated to provide Open and Distance Learning programmes in Malawi and beyond. The University is duly registered with the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act (No.19 of 1984) with Certificate of incorporation No. 14634. Hon Dr. Osman Nyakuleha founded Central Christian University formerly known as Christian College of Education in September 2013. CCU is located in the commercial City of Blantyre, and our main campus is situated at the Baptist Convention of Malawi at Chichiri – next to Kamuzu stadium, where face-to-face lessons are conducted during weekends i.e. Saturdays and Sundays.The University was founded to fill a niche in the market of tertiary education which is to strengthen the linkage between universities-industries through research and development activities in Malawi and beyond. CCU realizes that higher education institutions are widely recognized as essential contributors to economic development through their role in producing the knowledge, skills, and innovations needed to drive their respective national economies. In today’s knowledge-based economies, research and development (R&D) is seen as key to economic growth and competitivenessThere is therefore a need to create a strong interface between this educational sub-sector and the productive sector that requires the skills and knowledge of graduates from universities and other higher educational institutions in their enterprises to increase productivity. In addition to producing work-ready graduates for the job market, universities, also play a pivotal role in conducting research, consultancy and technological innovations that promote real and sustained economic growth and social development.

Our mission is to empower servant leaders with knowledge and skills through open access to quality, innovative distance-learning programmes and services for the promotion of a culture of life-long learning. We are committed to offering open and distance learning programmes that are aimed at reducing illiteracy and democratizing access to knowledge in Malawi and beyond. We also seek to promote university-industry linkages through research and development with a view to contribute to national and regional economic growth and competitiveness.

Our Vision
We envision being an academic leader in the provision of distance education, teaching, research, and development of a knowledge-based society that is capable of addressing challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Our Goal
a) To equip students with skills and desire for self-employment and entrepreneurship rather than conventional wage employment
b) To develop the quest for knowledge and lifelong learning skills that are essential for continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills parallel to the rapid advancement in global knowledge.
Our working Philosophy is to ensure that Our Learners’ needs and expectations are taken into account and supported.